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Fisherman uses CPR to rescue drowning puppy
A fisherman in Vietnam pulled a drowning puppy out of the water and saved it with several minutes of CPR when he found it was unresponsive.

Noodle measuring nearly 2 miles long breaks Guinness record
A Chinese food company cooked its way into the Guinness Book of World Records by creating a noodle measuring nearly two miles long.

Commuter train speeds along with doors wide open
A commuter on a Philippine train captured video of a dangerous situation when the vehicle went speeding down the tracks with the doors open.

Firefighters free bison from overturned tractor-trailer
Firefighters in South Dakota were called to a crash site to help free at least 39 bison from an overturned tractor-trailer.

Freshwater crocodile blocks road in Australia
A driver on an Australian road had to get out of his car to chase off a freshwater crocodile that was blocking the road ahead of him.

Michigan store sells two jackpot-winning lottery tickets on same day
The Michigan Lottery said two winning tickets worth a combined total of $2.4 million were sold at the same store on the same day.

Horse, deputy fished out of frozen Michigan pond
Michigan authorities responding to a pond where a horse had fallen through the ice ended up conducting a double rescue when a deputy fell through.

Wildlife officials rescue moose from Washington state swing set
Washington state wildlife officials responded to a home to rescue a 900-pound moose that manged to get itself tangled in a swing set.

'Large raccoon' knocks out power to 9,600 in New Mexico
A New Mexico utility company said more than 9,600 customers lost power when a "large raccoon" caused a transformer to explode.

City residents complain neighborhoods smell like cat pee
North Carolina environmental officials are investigating an offensive odor in multiple neighborhoods that residents compared to cat urine.