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Wrong turn, 'lucky biscuit' lead man to $250,000 lottery jackpot

A North Carolina man said taking a wrong turn on his way to a job site and stopping for a "lucky biscuit" led him to a $250,000 lottery jackpot.

Watch: Teenager spends 36 hours on swing to break Guinness record

A 17-year-old New Zealand boy broke a Guinness World Record when he spent 36 consecutive hours swinging on a playground swing set.

Watch: Idaho men pass giant beach ball 4,169 times for Guinness record

A pair of Idaho men broke a Guinness World Record when they passed a giant beach ball back and forth a total 4,169 times.

North Carolina family reunited with lost cat after four years

A North Carolina woman whose cat went missing in 2016, just before a hurricane hit the area, was reunited with her now 20-year-old pet after the feline was found a few miles from her home.

Wolf enclosure at Chinese zoo contains only a domesticated dog

A Chinese zoo's wolf enclosure is gaining attention online after a visitor captured video of a domesticated dog in the enclosure labeled for its wild canine cousins.

Company offers to pay someone $1,000 to play cornhole

A lawn care company is seeking an outdoor gaming enthusiast to make $1,000 by playing cornhole, a game involving tossing small bags of corn into holes in a board.

Look: Animal rescuers, firefighters come to assistance of cat stranded on roof

Animal rescuers teamed up with firefighters in Wales to rescue a cat who ended up stranded on the roof of a three-story building.

Watch: Brazilian adventurer traverses lava lake for Guinness record

A Brazilian adventurer broke a Guinness World Record by using a rope to traverse a distance of 329 feet, 11.76 inches over the volcanic lava lake Erta Ale in Ethiopia.

'Gut feeling' leads Michigan woman to $1 million Mega Millions jackpot

A Michigan woman said a "gut feeling" inspired her to mix up her usual lottery routine, and she ended up winning a $1 million Mega Millions jackpot.

Watch: Missing New Jersey cat turns up four years later in Pittsburgh

A cat that went missing from her New Jersey home four years ago was reunited with her owner when she turned up at a Pittsburgh shelter four years later.