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Watch: Man bicycle jumps over Tour de France race
A stunt cyclist made an unexpected appearance during the Tour de France when he performed a jump over the road while racers were passing.

Watch: Rattlesnakes caught on camera wrestling in Colorado
Two Colorado residents captured separate videos that appear to show rattlesnakes fighting or mating.

Watch: Black widow spider found in package of grapes
A Connecticut woman is warning shoppers to be alert after she found a venomous black widow spider in a package of grapes.

Look: Deputy removes raccoon from resident's bathroom
A California sheriff's office said a "masked male" found rummaging in a resident's bathroom was not arrested -- because he was a raccoon.

Watch: Alligator found next to dumpster behind gas station
A Florida police sergeant used a yield sign to escort an alligator from a gas station's dumpster area to its home in a nearby pond.

Look: Statue of Jeff Goldblum from 'Jurassic Park' in London
A 10-foot-tall statue of Jeff Goldblum with his shirt open has been erected in London to celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Jurassic Park."

Watch: Abandoned mining town sells for $1.4M in California
A ghost town in California's Owens Valley sold for $1.4 million and the new owner said it is planned to become a tourist destination.

Look: Drill lodges in windshield of car while driving
Two people walked away with minor injuries when a power drill flew into the windshield of a moving car and embedded in the glass, California authorities said.

Watch: Dust devil appears at little league baseball diamond
A little league team's post-championship game photo shoot was interrupted by a dust devil that swept onto the baseball diamond.

Watch: San Francisco bans buses from 'Full House' house
Officials in San Francisco have banned tour buses from the so-called "Full House" home after neighbors complained about the large crowds.