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World's oldest cat, Nutmeg, dies at 32
Nutmeg, believed to be the world's oldest cat, died in England at the age of 32 earlier this month, his owners said.

Saudi textbook recalled due to photo of Yoda next to King Faisal
A social studies textbook in Saudi Arabia was recalled for including a photo depicting a Star Wars character next to a king.

Commuters stranded on highway play soccer in the road
Commuters stranded on a British highway for more than six hours found a novel way to pass the time -- playing soccer in the empty road.

Firefighters in China capture escaped alligator in front of house
Firefighters in a Chinese city responded to a residential area to capture an escaped alligator found wandering in front of someone's home.

Troublemaking pigeon flies around British department store, evades workers
A mischievous pigeon caused trouble for employees at a British department store when it flew into a clothing section and evaded capture.

Arkansas police seek toilet paper bandits who vandalized restroom
Authorities in Arkansas are seeking a pair of toilet paper bandits caught on camera taking rolls of tissue from a public restroom in a park.

Baby rhino and baby hippo form friendship at wildlife sanctuary
A wildlife sanctuary in South Africa shared video of an unusual friendship struck up between two orphans -- a baby rhino and a baby hippo.

Truck overturns in North Carolina, loses 44,000 pounds of vodka
Authorities in North Carolina said no humans were injured when a tractor-trailer flipped onto its side, but there were casualties -- 40,000 pounds of vodka.

Bini the basketball bunny sets slam dunk world record
A basketball playing bunny in California showed off its hops on its way to setting a world record for slam dunks in a minute.

Book returned to Massachusetts library 78 years late
A Massachusetts library said a local resident recently returned a book that was last checked out 78 years and 10 months ago.