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Missourians win $3 million lottery jackpot after previously winning $250,000

A Missouri couple who previously collected a $250,000 prize from a scratch-off lottery ticket said they were shocked when a recent ticket earned them a $3 million jackpot.

Watch: GoPro camera lost in Lake Ontario washes up four months later

A New York man who lost his GoPro while jet skiing on Lake Ontario was reunited with the camera several months later when it was found washed up on a beach.

Watch: Bear closes front door of New Jersey home

A New Jersey woman shared video of a bear abiding by her polite request and closing the front door of her home.

Look: Firefighters rescue cat from engine compartment of mail delivery van

Firefighters in Britain rescued a cat that became trapped in the engine compartment of a mail delivery van.

Rare Pacific footballfish washes up on San Diego beach

A visitor to a San Diego beach snapped photos when he came across something unusual -- a deep sea-dwelling Pacific footballfish washed up on the sand.

Man sets world record with collection of 1,230 different soccer balls

A Mexican soccer fan broke a Guinness World Record by amassing a collection of 1,230 different soccer balls.

Deer with plastic container stuck over its head rescued in Kansas

A deer spotted wandering in a Kansas park with a plastic container stuck over its head was rescued after several days of efforts.

Watch: Nebraska bakery employees receive $2,000 tip

Employees at a Nebraska bakery said they were shocked when a customer whose order totaled only about $5 left them a $2,000 tip.

Iowa man collects two $75,000 lottery prizes after previously winning $200,000

An Iowa man collected two $75,000 lottery prizes in two months after collecting $200,000 worth of prizes in 2014.

Watch: Class ring unearthed in Utah after being lost for 70 years

A Utah man using his metal detector in the yard of an abandoned home found a class ring that was lost 70 years earlier -- and the owner still is alive.