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Watch: Truck spreads cloth across road in its wake
A traffic camera in China was recording as more than 300 feet of cloth unfurled on the back of a truck and covered the road behind the vehicle.

Watch: Man drives motorized shopping cart at gas station
A visitor to a Tennessee gas station captured video of an unusual vehicle gassing up -- a motorized shopping cart.

Watch: Croc blocks roadway in Australia's Northern Territory
A pair of men returning from a job site an Australia's Northern Territory captured video of an unusual road block -- a large crocodile.

Wrong lotto ticket wins South Carolina woman $250,000
A South Carolina woman who won $250,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket said she only bought the ticket because of a clerk's mistake.

Watch: Wall of bats roost outside high rise office window
A worker at a Houston high rise captured video of an unusual sight outside one of the building's windows -- dozens of bats gathered in a swarm on the wall.

RSPCA rescues baby tarantulas, warns of missing parents
Animal rescuers are warning of possible bird-eating tarantulas on the loose in Britain after three baby spiders were found in a parking lot.

Watch: #TheCouch at Florida roadside gets rug, coffee table
An abandoned couch at the side of a commercial road in Florida is going viral after people started turning it into an outdoor living room.

Watch: Deputy spends 20 minutes driving behind tortoise
A Florida sheriff's office shared video of a deputy who spent 20 minutes driving behind a rude mid-road pedestrian -- a tortoise.

Watch: Loose horses wander Los Angeles neighborhood
Police in Los Angeles said they are trying to find the owner of several horses found running lose through a neighborhood.

Watch: Bear heeds stern instructions from California mom
A California woman shared video showing her using her "mom voice" to order a porch-invading bear to turn around and leave.