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Group constructs high-tech Dungeons and Dragons setup
A Dungeons and Dragons group brought their playing space into the digital age with a homemade high-tech gaming table.

Florida firefighter offers water to thirsty Key deer
A firefighter in Florida helped rescue an endangered Key deer by offering it a much needed drink of water.

Man uses drone to rescue another drone stranded on a roof
A man whose neighbor crash-landed their drone on a roof used his own quadcopter and a makeshift hook to rescue the crashed device.

Marathon runner takes a fall, rolls across the finish line
A runner in a Washington state marathon is being praised for her determination after barrel rolling across the finish line moments after taking a bad fall.

Massive great white shark gives camera close-up view of jaws
A man filming a great white shark in South Africa captured the moment the undersea predator's attention turned from a bait ball to the camera itself.

World's largest serving of guacamole prepared in Mexico
Hundreds of people combined thousands of ingredients to create the world's largest serving of guacamole.

Firefighters climb into sewer to rescue trapped pig
A group of firefighters in China descended into a sewer to rescue a 330-pound pig that fell into the opening.

Canadian couple seeks corporate sponsors for dream wedding
A Canadian couple has recruited several corporate sponsors to help cover the cost of their dream wedding.

Snake rescuer finds cobra with smaller snake stuck in ts nostril
A snake rescuer called to remove a cobra from a businessman's property in India made an unusual discovery -- a smaller snake stuck in the serpent's nostril.

Crab climbs out of pot, switches off hot plate
A crab with a strong will to live was filmed climbing out of a pot of heating water and switching off the hot plate to save its comrades.