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Watch: Utah man searching for authors of message in a bottle found in Caribbean

A Utah man who found a message in a bottle while vacationing in the Caribbean is trying to track down the note's elusive authors.

Watch: North Carolina snake breeder unveils two-headed albino milk snake

A North Carolina snake breeder unveiled one of the newest and most unusual additions to his menagerie: a two-headed Honduran albino milk snake.

Look: Morning commute interrupted by cow on railroad tracks

Railway operators in Scotland said some morning commuters found their trains delayed when a loose cow found its way onto the tracks.

$200,000 lottery ticket nearly thrown in trash by winner

A North Carolina woman said her scratch-off lottery ticket nearly ended up in the trash before she realized it was a $200,000 winner.

Stunt rider does no-hands motorcycle wheelie for 1,904 feet

A Lithuanian stunt rider broke a Guinness World Record when he performed a no-hands motorcycle wheelie for 1,904 feet and 8 inches.

Watch: Serval on the loose in British Columbia after two escape

The owners of two African servals in British Columbia said one of the cats was captured and another remains on the loose after the animals escaped in what might have been an attempted theft.

World's largest arcade machine plays a giant version of 'Tetris'

A gaming company in Spain broke a Guinness World Record with the creation of a "Tetris" arcade machine that stands 16 feet and 1.15 inches tall.

Watch: Calf escapes trailer, blocks traffic on Massachusetts highway

A young cow was caught on camera making a run for it after escaping from a transport trailer on a Massachusetts highway.

Watch: Maine police rescue raccoon trapped in water-filled storm drain

Police in Maine came to the rescue of a raccoon found trapped in a water-filled storm drain pipe.

California woman's lost cat found in Idaho nine years later

A California woman was shocked to receive a phone call from Idaho saying her lost cat had been found after nine years.