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Cat adopts orphaned baby hedgehogs at Russian zoo
A caring cat took on the role of mother for a group of orphaned hedgehogs at a zoo in Russia.

Cockatoo finds annoying kitten, reacts appropriately
A cockatoo that opened a box to find a kitten that was a little too playful responded in the most logical way -- slamming the box shut.

British man totaled brand new Ferrari an hour after picking it up
A driver in England told police he crashed his brand new luxury sports car just about an hour after he bought it.

Firefighter swims into bay to rescue struggling dog
A Florida firefighter jumped into a bay to rescue a dog seen struggling to stay afloat after apparently falling into the water.

Giant peacock rides the New York subway in Brooklyn
A straphanger on the New York City subway is drawing attention online after he was photographed holding a giant peacock on the train.

Cyclist chased by huge grizzly bear on Canadian highway
A couple traveling on a British Columbia highway captured photos of a cyclist being chased down the road by an enormous grizzly bear.

Canadian farm offers alpaca dance classes
A farm in Canada is offering "alpaca dance classes" for anyone looking to get fit and cut a rug with the wooly mammals.

Man holds up cat to scare massive Australian spider
An Australian couple found themselves trapped on opposite sides of a glass door when a massive spider the size of a human head blocked their paths.

Elephant chases wild dogs, intimidates police in South Africa
A visitor to a South African national park captured video of an elephant that chased a pack of wild dogs and stopped to intimidate some police.

Deer crashed through window of Michigan furniture store
A deer was trapped inside a furniture store after crashing through the front window early Thursday morning.