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Mother bear and two cubs rescued from open well
A mother sloth bear and her two cubs were rescued after plunging into an open well near an Indian village and the rescue was caught on video.

Raccoon outsmarts trap, steals sandwich
A woman whose father put a sandwich into a trap-cage filmed a feisty raccoon outsmarting the mechanism and stealing the meal.

Pregnant alligator captured outside Florida school
Sheriff's deputies and wildlife trappers responded to a Florida school where an alligator was spotted only 100 feet from the drop-off point.

Monkeys raid fruit from the back of parked pickup truck
A witness who spotted some mischievous monkeys on the streets of a Thai city captured video of the primates stealing from the back of a pickup truck.

Mother moose and newborn calf get police escort to woods
A driver on an Alaska road stopped to film a mother moose and her newborn calf receiving a police escort as they walked down the road.

Guinness record-breaking toilet paper pyramid built in Wisconsin
A paper company teamed with a newly-opened store in Wisconsin to break the Guinness World Record for the tallest pyramid made of bath tissue.

Louisiana man rescues $200,000 lottery ticket from the trash
A Louisiana man who won a $200,000 jackpot said he had to rescue the winning ticket from the trash after it was thrown away by a family member.

Viral letter reveals Florida music store owner's kindness
A Florida music store is being lauded after a 10-year-old letter to a woman who couldn't afford rent on her son's instrument emerged online and went viral.

Police rescue iguana from tree in New Mexico
Police in New Mexico said they performed an unusual animal rescue when an apparent escaped pet discovered in a tree turned out to be an iguana.

Burmese python on the loose in Indiana town
Police in Indiana are warning residents to be on the lookout for a 14-foot Burmese python that escaped from its owner's home.