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Look: Venomous snake found in man's garage can
Police in Connecticut said a man who picked up a bag of trash near a park later discovered a copperhead snake in his garbage bin.

Watch: Alligator crosses fairway at Florida golf course
An alligator presented an unusual hazard to a group of Florida golfers who caught the reptile on camera crossing the fairway.

Watch: Beluga whale spotted in England's River Thames
Surprised onlookers spotted an unusual visitor to the River Thames in Britain -- a beluga whale that apparently wandered far from its arctic home.

Watch: Guinness World Record for applying lipstick
A celebrity in the Philippines broke a Guinness World Record by gathering nearly 7,000 people to put on lipstick at one time.

Watch: Wildlife officials seek escaped kangaroo in Florida
Wildlife officials in Florida are trying to capture an escaped kangaroo that was caught on video hopping through a street Tuesday.

Watch: Woman terrified of spider inside her truck
A South Carolina woman captured video of her freak-out when she spotted a spider inside her truck while she was driving.

Dog walking tradition earns woman $70k lotto jackpot
An Oregon woman said her Sunday dog-walking tradition is what led to her winning a $70,000 jackpot from the state lottery.

Watch: Man says cougar was in his suburban Chicago yard
Police in a western suburb of Chicago are warning residents to use caution after a local man reported spotting a mountain lion in his back yard.

Watch: Caterer steps in to replace wedding officiant
An Ohio wedding was saved in the 11th hour by a catering manager who stepped in to replace the injured officiant.

Pole-climbing bear blamed for power outage in California
A bear that knocked out electricity for 4,500 California residents may also be responsible for starting a fire, officials said.