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Firefighter trying to move snake from road ends up fleeing
An Australian firefighter trying to remove a snake from the middle of the road ended up fleeing the serpent when it "took offense" to his prodding.

Subway-riding rat causes chaos on New York train
A rat caused chaos on the New York subway when it took a ride on an A line train and sent passengers scrambling to get their feet off the floor.

$1,300 worth of makeup destroyed by child at Sephora
A customer at a Sephora makeup store in Georgia snapped photos of what she said was $1,300 worth of makeup destroyed by a small child.

Snake catchers pull 20-foot python out of family's toilet
Snake catchers were called to a family's home in Thailand after a 5-year-old boy spotted something unusual in the toilet -- a 20-foot python.

Kangaroo swims to shore at Australian beach
A kangaroo was spotted cooling off from the Australian heat by taking a swim at a Queensland beach.

Ohio woman photographs rare piebald deer
An Ohio resident captured video of a white-tailed deer with unusual piebald coloration wandering around a residential area.

Giant penis over Washington state drawn by Navy aircraft
Officials at a Washington state Navy base confirmed one of their aircraft was behind a contrail drawing of male genitalia spotted over a residential area.

Men buy 20 lottery tickets to turn $5,000 top prize into $100,000
A Virginia father and son turned a $5,000 top prize into $100,000 by purchasing 20 identical tickets for the same lottery drawing.

Raccoon with jar on head gets stranded up tree
Animal rescuers in Massachusetts dealt with a delicate situation when a raccoon with a jar stuck on its head fled up a tree in panic.

Man concerns neighbors by walking leashed leopard through playground
Residents of an apartment building in Russia are complaining about a neighbor seen walking around a playground with an unusual pet -- a leopard.