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British driver hands officer Homer Simpson driver's license
A driver in England presented a fake driver's license featuring a character form "The Simpsons" at a traffic stop, police said.

Herd of escaped horses block traffic on Metro Atlanta highway
Traffic on an Atlanta-area highway was brought to a halt Saturday morning when their path was blocked by a herd of escaped horses running loose.

Turtle euthanized after fed puppy by teacher
Idaho officials "humanely" euthanized a snapping turtle that was reportedly fed puppy by a junior high teacher.

Woman rides in taxi trunk to carry large table
A surprised traveler on a Chinese road captured video of a woman riding in the open trunk of a taxi cab while carrying a large table.

Snake catcher removes car-length python from carport
An Australian snake catcher said he was called out to a home where a couple found a python in their carport that was as long as a sedan.

Man pushes beached dolphin back out to sea at Mexican beach
A photographer and his client came to the rescue of a dolphin they discovered stranded in the sand when they arrived at a Mexican beach for a photoshoot.

Swiss student invents paper plane folding machine
A crafty Swiss student posted a video showing off his latest invention -- a machine that creates paper airplanes.

Snow atop semi truck pulls netting down from overpass
Police in Massachusetts are warning drivers to clear off their vehicles after snow on top of a semi truck's trailer brought down the netting from an overpass.

Man wins lottery after playing same numbers for 5 years
A Kansas Lottery player said his patience paid off when the numbers he has been playing for about five years finally earned him a $22,000 jackpot.

Wildlife officers climb tree to capture backyard mountain lion
Wildlife officers in Colorado tranquilized a mountain lion hanging out in a resident's backyard tree and the unusual capture was caught on camera.