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Watch: Border-hopping monkey swims to Bolivia
A group of people fishing in a South American river captured video of a monkey swimming from Brazil to Bolivia.

Watch: Locals push stranded whale back out to sea
Dozens of residents of a city in the Philippines rushed to a local beach to rescue a 26-foot whale stranded in shallow waters.

Watch: Well-balanced dogs join owner for motorcycle ride
A surprised traveler on a Philippines road captured video of three dogs joining their owner for a motorcycle ride.

Watch: Leopard rides shotgun in taxi
A taxi driver in Russia shared video of a highly unusual front seat passenger -- a leopard on its way to a photoshoot.

Watch: Drone tries to steal bicycle in Czech Republic
A group of shocked cyclists captured video of the moment a drone operator nearly pulled off a high-tech bike theft.

Postal officials in Malaysia find live snake in package
A Malaysian courier service is reminding customers not to mail live animals after a python was found in a package addressed to a university student.

Watch: Monkey on the loose in North Carolina
A couple are asking residents of a North Carolina city to keep an eye out for their monkey, which fled from a hotel in the city.

Powerball prize comes after 5 years of playing same numbers
A North Carolina man said he had been playing his "special" numbers for five years before they won him a $1 million Powerball prize.

Spinach from overturned truck covers interstate in Ohio
Authorities in Ohio said traffic delays resulted when a semi trick overturned on a stretch of highway and spilled its load of spinach across multiple lanes.

Venomous snake found in traveler's luggage at Indian airport
Authorities in India said an X-ray scan of an airport passenger's carry-on luggage revealed an illegal item -- a venomous snake.