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Horses stampede in wrong direction on Hungarian highway
A shocked driver on a stretch of Hungarian highway pulled over to film a stampede of horses sprinting in the wrong direction in the middle of the road.

Elephant blocks traffic to practice soccer skills in India
An Indian man investigating the cause of a traffic jam found an elephant playing kick-the-can with a plastic container.

Florida police seek $25,000 swan sculpture stolen by naked man
Authorities in Florida are asking for the public's help finding a large $25,000 swan sculpture stolen by a naked man.

Dad pranks teen son by dressing in Speedo for school pickup
An Oklahoma father earned himself a gold medal in the embarrassing dad-move Olympics by picking up his teen son from school in a Speedo.

Venomous 4-foot lizard captured on plane at Florida airport
Wildlife authorities were summoned to a Florida airport where a stowaway 4-foot black throat monitor lizard was found on a cargo plane.

Hairspray can explodes in hot car, embeds itself in windshield
A Washington state woman returned to her car after work to discover a can of hairspray had exploded and embedded itself in her windshield.

Man secretly proposes to boyfriend on Disneyland ride
A Disneyland visitor used a hand-made sign to secretly propose behind his boyfriend's back while they were riding Splash Mountain.

Park rangers: Stop defacing parks for 'promposals'
Park Rangers in California's Santa Monica Mountains have a message for amorous high schoolers: Stop defacing National Parks for promposals.

Mother elk kicks bear in the face to rescue her calf
A couple out observing nature in the Arizona mountains captured video of a mother elk kicking a bear in the face to rescue her calf.

Romantic Houston man mistakes kale bundle for flower
A Houston man seeking to give his girlfriend a romantic "flower" is drawing attention on Twitter after accidentally giving her a bundle of kale instead.